miss....i had done the synopsis abaout the novel....charmed season i just do the character that related with me...

     Began the series as the middle sister and became the oldest after Prue's death. In the beginning, Piper's power was the ability to "freeze" people and objects, but advanced in the third season and she gained the power of molecular combustion – causing explosions. Piper was shy and submissive when Charmed first aired, but has gradually developed a much more assertive personality, especially after Prue's death. Piper usually had to keep the calm between Prue and Phoebe as the middle sister, Piper is also identified as the sister who longs most for a "normal" life although she accepts her duties. She struggled with Prue's death the most and had trouble in accepting both Prue's death and Paige. Piper eventually moved on and has since built a strong bond with Paige as her sister Her hands were already too full with magical issues, demons and warlocks trying to kill her husband, sons, and sisters, being wanted by the evil side for her powers, and having to deal with personal losses, especially the death of Prue. While she has had the least amount of romantic interests of the four female leads, Piper has also had the longest-running relationship, a forbidden love with Whitelighter Leo Wyatt. Despite many conflicts, Piper finally married Leo on a third attempt to do so, and gave birth to three children; Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell. Piper became a popular fan favorite during the series run.
    The character that related with me is in relationship with my best friend I always be in the middle of them, means always besides them when they have a problem and solve their problem. The character that I never get is ‘freeze ‘ people which done by Piper. So the character of Piper make me love and interested with her. If I can freeze people its feel like ‘reward’ from god. I can freeze the people that doing a bad things. Next, the character that I like about her is yhe spirit of her when she struggled with Prue’s death. This feeling I can feel when the first time that I had to separate with my parents to further my study.

            That all miss…muaahh..hehe

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