1. Sherlock Holmes is a brave and brilliant detective. This is because he has knowledge and  the feels that he want to explore of the forensic science skills to solve that case and also his ability to plays as a good doctor in this movie

2. Dr. Watson one of the main characters. He was the Holmes' best friend and assistance.
Watson is described as a crack shot and an excellent doctor and surgeon. Highly intelligent,
 if lacking in Holmes's insight, he serves as a perfect foil for Holmes: the ordinary man against
 the brilliant,emotionally-detached analytical machine.

3. Irene Adler  is a pretty and intelligent lady.Plus, she is brave to faced the difficult situation that hard for
  women to handle. 

    Finally, I like the ending of this story because I would know the trick and solutions thatt had use by Holmes.
The ending also tell the audience that case of Lord Blackwood did not died. This movie is really interested and


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